Join us for the Unveiling of the OPRA Report

How can organisations balance the need to be productive with the needs of individuals. It starts with listening and then an intent to solve for it.

An overwhelming 96% of respondents have reported early symptoms linked to mental health issues.

We discuss this and more at the launch of the OPRA (Organisation Psychological Risk Assessment) report – a unique psychosocial and intersectional research into mental wellbeing and the OPRA approach to addressing these issues.

Come join us to help elevate mental health to a strategic priority for the post-pandemic workplace on the 31st of May, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (IST). The event will be held over Zoom and here’s your invite link –

As part of the launch event we will unpack the results of our OPRA survey from 2021, and also take a deep dive into the intersections of workplace culture, employee well being and the larger strategic risks associated with the same. We have lined up an exciting panel to talk and understand the current state of organisational practices around employee well being, the relevance of a tool like OPRA. We will have our managing partner Saikat Ghosh leading the session and giving an indepth view on how organisations can use OPRA effectively at their workplace.

This is a must attend session for all leaders at organisations that care about building a resilient and productive work culture that balances the needs of people and profit.

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