Talent and leadership for a new age

Equip your workforce


Foundation that drives performance at strategic, operational and people levels


If managed well, can expand potential, else, take away from performance


Drives conscious behaviour choices - both good and inappropriate

Case Study

From fear to leadership

Anand (name changed) found himself losing relevance in the automation trend sweeping his industry. This how X-Leap helped him and others like him, skill up and regain confidence.

It's not just retention

Attracting and retaining talent has been a massive challenge. Our experience shows that a strategic, creative and truly empathetic approach helps to create significant business value.

What we do

Co-design immersive learning journeys

We employ a blended learning approach with top facilitators and a thoughtful digital journey hosted on our learning platform – X-Learn

Measure well-being at your workplace

Check out our proprietary X-Leap tool – OPRA (Organisation Psychological Risk Assessment) – that helps you measure the impact of mental health at your workplace

Assess workforce readiness and deliver targeted solutions

Like the one we designed to encourage data-driven decision making at a telecom company

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