Introducing OPRA

Foster a culture of resilience and care. Employ a mental health solution that fits your workplace's needs with OPRA (Organisation Psychological Risk Assessment).

Better Workforce, Better Workplace

In 2021, we conducted a survey with dozens of participants from various organisations in various roles. The surprising insights from this were captured in a report and led to the creation of this tool kit we now call OPRA. What we realised from these insights was that organisations carry strategic risks associated with the mental health of their workforce. We learned that a significant portion of our survey participants were showing early signs of common mental health problems.

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Get a free copy of this path breaking survey on mental health at workplace and building a resilient organisation and culture at yours.

    Employee Assistance Programs Need a Change

    But above all we learned that the stressors contributing to these issues varied from person to person depending on a variety of factors including workplace factors. This was a huge insight to have. The conclusion was clear, organisations that do not consider these factors are putting their larger sustainability and continuity at risk, where as existing frameworks to deal with employee well being are inadequate. OPRA is an end to  end solution to understand, evaluate and address these issues.

    OPRA - an end to end solution

    The Organisation Psychological Risk Assessment (OPRA) is a toolkit that can be deployed in your organization on 3 different levels

    Organisation: align with company strategy

    Workforce: get a pulse of mental health

    Individual: respond to employee pain

    3 levels of OPRA implementation

    How it works

    There are three steps involved with rolling out of OPRA

    Listen to diagnose

    Hear the voice of your employees through FGDs and OPRA survey

    strategise with data

    Track important data through a customized dashboard built for you

    Choose an EAP that works

    Rollout a holistic change agenda

    Work with us to implement OPRA in your organisation

    Fill this form to share your details and to begin a conversation on how OPRA will benefit your organisation. Once you fill in the form our experts and team of consultants will lay down a roadmap based on the size of your organisation and the current scope of your EAP program. This culminates in conducting an OPRA survey across your firm or a select segment.

    You will then be provided an insights dashboard that shows the results of this custom survey. Our team will take you through the conclusions and implications of the OPRA survey.

    The final step is integrating the learnings to your current EAP or help create an entire new plan to provide a better wellness program for your workforce. X-Leap will either work with out recommended team of experts or one provided by you to manage the implementation and intervention.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the strategic importance of OPRA?

      While the conversations around employee wellbeing, especially from the standpoint of mental health have picked up steam at workplaces, the solutions by far have been of a shallow nature. As the OPRA report points out, a lot of workplace interventions don’t consider the unique nature of every organization, based on the diversity of their workforce. What we end up having are solutions involved in boosting employee performance that are not effective. Strategically this means the organization is losing money on such interventions, while exposing themselves to the pitfalls of employee burnout.

      How can I implement OPRA at my workplace?

      OPRA is an end to end tool kit. Once onboarded, our team will implement a 3 step process:

      1. Diagnosis -  we will carry out surveys and interviews to understand the workforce resilience from the ground level and up
      2. Strategy - The results of the diagnosis are studied and our insights team will give you a grasp of potential risks your organization is bearing from an employee standpoint. We also include a detailed analysis of the interventions recommended, either to change your existing solutions for employee wellness or to introduce a new one
      3. Intervention - Based on our strategic analysis, we will tie up with relevant experts to implement the required interventions to improve resilience at your organization
      How much does an OPRA implementation cost?

      The OPRA implementation cost varies with the size of the organization or the set of people involved in the program. Depending on how you choose to implement the interventions in the third stage of the program, the costs will vary accordingly. We will provide a strategy document and implementation plan along with the costs after understanding your organization’s needs.

      What is the length of a typical OPRA implementation?

      Depending on the size of the team the duration of an OPRA implementation may vary from 4 weeks to a few months. 

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