Why you need a strong purpose

Summary Here at X-Leap we’ve been thinking a lot about Purpose. As a fledgling company, we’ve had quite a few conversations around the usual questions: why are we here, what do we want to do, etc. Through these somewhat existential sessions, I’ve been thinking about the centrality of Purpose. Aside from it being a right-of-passage for …

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3 ideas that modern design thinkers can learn from the Renaissance

The Design Thinking (DT) approach to problem-solving is a widely used tenet across industries. Its fingerprints are everywhere, from disruptive startups to everyday products. But in recent years, Design Thinking has come under heavy criticism. Some like Natasha Jen and Bruce Nussbaum, claim that it now lacks the critical approach that its inventors aimed for. …

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Launching OPRA by X-Leap

The organisational risk survey ‘Organization Psychological Risk Assessment’(OPRA), conducted by X-Leap during the pandemic in 2021 shows a rise in mental health conditions that could put organisations at risk. The ‘Organization Psychological Risk Assessment’ (OPRA) survey conducted by X-Leap, a design-led management consulting firm – has found that 96% of survey respondents have reported experiencing …

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