Verandah December 2022: A Kinder Workplace in 2023

    We look back to discussions from the Designing Kindness event, and what our panel of Kindness Experts thinks is needed, to build a kinder workplace.

    As 2022 came to a close, we were all looking ahead.

    At X-Leap, we wanted to engage with our community on the core concept of kindness. A lot of the work we had carried out on well-being, change and transitions had made us realise that we needed a space to discuss this.

    For example, aside from a volatile economy, workplaces have had to face some sobering facts. X-Leap research shows that organisations are at a strategic disadvantage if mental health issues aren’t dealt with systemically.

    Other factors like flexible work arrangements, better diversity policies and a stronger culture are all equally important to a company’s longevity.

    This led to us holding our flagship event: 11.11|Designing Kindness. ‘Designing Kindness’ was seen as an opportunity for us to explore the core concepts that went into building a kinder world. Why was it difficult for organisations to do so? How could we all benefit from incorporating kindness into an organisation’s DNA? Was there a template for workplaces to get kinder?

    We were joined by a panel of kindness experts: cutting edge thinkers and practitioners who had first-hand experience of what it meant to build a kinder world.

    Here are a few key insights from the event:

    Kindness is often an unstated, but integral part of any organisation’s DNA. Without it, organisations will continue to struggle to balance profit and purpose. But it also requires a lot of thought. We were truly amazed at the wonderful response that we received from the session. There are more Designing Kindness sessions planned for 2023.

    You can watch a session recording of the event and short video snippets of what our kindness experts believe, on our YouTube playlist.

    A version of this article appeared in the December 2022 issue of Verandah – our expression of looking at change management, differently. To stay up to date with more thought leadership like this, sign up here:
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