Develop talent and leadership for a new age

It's not just retention

Attracting and retaining talent has been a massive challenge. Our experience shows that a strategic, creative and truly empathetic approach helps to create significant business value.

Case Study

From fear to leadership

Anand (name changed) found himself losing relevance in the automation trend sweeping his industry. This how X-Leap helped him and others like him, skill up and regain confidence.

How can you start on your talent needs?

Anand’s is not the only case. Companies will continue to struggle with their talent if performance isn’t seen as a long-term journey. Take our pulse check to understand where you stand in this journey

The performance journey


Identify your good practices, bottlenecks and gaps


Set up talent management practices that are in sync with organisation priorities

Build & Sustain

Deliver high quality programs and support integration of practices with org systems

Measure well-being

Check out our proprietary X-Leap tool – OPRA (Organisation Psychological Risk Assessment) – that helps you measure the impact of mental health at your workplace

Case Studies

Establishing a data-driven culture for a $38 Bn telecom company

A capability program for bankers of the future

A leading international analytics firm addresses attrition

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