Pinpoint the cause of mental unrest in your workplace

Foster a culture of resilience and care

Psychological Risk Assessment

What is OPRA?

It is a toolkit to help organizations treat mental health as a strategic priority. With this, they will be able to drive cultural transformation within their workplace. 

How does it work?


We hear the voice of your employees with the help of focus group discussions and a survey


Following the survey, a customized dashboard is build for you where you can track relevant data


Rolling out a holistic change agenda

About us

X-Leap is a boutique human-centered design agency that provides services in people strategy, service design, L&D, business intelligence among many other services

gemeinsam.werken is a Munich based consulting agency that facilitates impact-oriented change in organizations and society at large

How is OPRA relevant to me?

Following the COVID pandemic, employees and employers are both struggling to better manage stress. But existing Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) aren’t quite cutting it.

Once deployed, you can use OPRA to understand:

  • How effective your existing policies are
  • Track and measure existing hotspots
  • Apply learnings to your EAP or devise a new one

Grab a copy

Drop your email and get a free copy of the groundbreaking OPRA survey. Once you’ve shared your details, a member from our team will get in touch.

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