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We would love to listen to what's keeping you awake—a problem, an idea, an opportunity, or perhaps a dream. We will listen to you, your front-line, your customers, and all other stakeholders actively, but without judgement. We promise to truly understand the context in order to offer an approach.

Here are a few conversation starters below...

New Normal Readiness

Ever since the Great Recession of 2008, the world economy has been in flux. The decade of 2010 was all about strict financial regulations, slowing growth rates across the globe, increased trade disputes, and an increase in geo-political tensions.

In this scenario two positive trends stood out:
- A Global Digital Shift with Innovation being led by startups
- Urgency on environmental impact of economies

Going into the 2020s, we see the New Normal being driven by three factors:
- Ageing world: as average demography across countries become older, India and Nigeria are expected to emerge as young nations
- Higher urbanisation: as a significant population migrates to towns and cities in search of better opportunities, the urban share is expected to grow to 60%
- Demand for Sustainability and a Circular Economy: it is becomeing increasingly obvious that our current ways of living cannot sustain the planet

Businesses need to be re-thought significantly to lead in this decade.

How X-Leap can help:

1. Strategic Roadmap: We help visualise the future and craft a long- to mid-term strategy. We also help design the business model and identify necessary investment areas.

2. Innovation: Innovation is the bedrock of growth, and we can design and drive the process across:
- Culture of Innovation: create a new normal
- Product: winning products with higher sustainability though a design approach
- Sales & Distribution: re-think the entire customer touchpoint to be relevant (digital as well as cradle to cradle)

3. Global Collaboration: We help to identify partners with proven knowledge, expertise, and technology—be they corporations, startups, and universities.

Leverage India Strategy

India has the 5th largest, and fast growing economy. While consumer demand and industrial needs are growing, India is also trying to make a conscious choice in 'sustainability'.

This opens up massive opportunities for mid-sized corporations with strong propositions and robust value systems, to evaluate India as a strategic growth opportunity or include it in their supply chains.

The Indian business community is enterprising and lively, but often lacks resources to scale: namely capital and expertise. This creates potential for investments and opportunities in partnerships for expertise in process, quality standards, and people practices.

How X-Leap can help:

1. Strategic Fit Evaluation: We can help in industry landscaping, evaluation of segment attractiveness, and sizing opportunities.

2. Strategic Roadmap: We can craft a strategic roadmap including a business model and business plan. We can lay out options for local incorporation, debt and equity raise, people strategy, as well as sales and distribution strategy, supply chain strategy, etc.

3. Market Entry: We can hand-hold you through the India entry process using trusted professional partners, while taking care of all requirements such as due diligence, legal and compliance, shortlisting potential JV partners, senior team selection, fund raise, etc.

Access Indian Deep Tech

The Indian Deep Tech ecosystem is globally renowned. In 2019, IT was a US$ 177 bn market with a year-on-year growth of over 6%. The exports market was about US$135 bn.

Indian tech organizations offer advanced tech solutions (including AI/ML, Analytics, Blockchain, RPA, CRM, Application Development), designed and developed in India, and ready to serve the world.

The tech ecosystem consists of a variety of entities ranging from global-scale services companies, through niche services firms, to a thriving start-up ecosystem working on cutting-edge applications and building world class products.

How X-Leap can help:

1. Undertaking Business Transformation/ Tech Upgradation: We offer a holistic approach to understand your core business requirements, improve processes, and design change management programs.

2. Identifying Investment Opportunities in Start-ups: We take you through the entire process with trusted partners, and continue to provide strategic oversight.

3. Identifying Globally Marketable Technologies: Deep tech Indian start-ups are keen to explore the global markets. If you are looking to market exciting new technology in your home markets, we can provide access to credible start-ups here.

Social Impact Funding

Despite being the 5th largest economy in the world and an exporter of global leaders, India is still struggling to convert its human potential to human capital because of unmet basic needs.

Equitable growth requires better resource redistribution and creation of opportunities to unlock the human potential.

There are various credible non-profits which are doing incredible work to improve the quality of life across the SDG spectrum. X-Leap partners with a few of them too. Their work needs to be scaled up and fast. X-Leap can identify investment opportunities in social causes for you.

How X-Leap can help:

1. Redesign the Service Delivery Model: We help improve the overall efficiency (greater impact at same cost).

2. Set up for Sustained Impact: We create a long-term vision and medium-term action plan for the non-profits (usually non-profits focus narrowly on the short-term impact due to lack of visibility of funds).

3. Augment Capacity through Structural Shifts: Many non-profits are limited in their scale by a concentration of passion and decision-making with the founder or CEO. We help bolster the leadership capabilities through complete organizational strategy including recruitment. We also design for tech and digital usage, to improve productivity and intervention design.

Productivity Interventions

Globally, the economy has passed on from a relatively stable phase of growth where 'process efficiency' used to be the key driver of growth. Now, organisations are having to deal with several forces all together—rapid 'millennalisation' of the workforce, automation, a growing gig economy, etc.

The focus has now shifted from productivity to creativity, problem solving, and potential realization.

X-Leap can help organisations craft and deliver strategies and initiatives to either embark on this change or to partner them on parts of the journey

How X-Leap can help:

1. Employee Value Proposition: Our experienced team can help you craft an EVP, to improve productivity, and talent management. Key elements include Branding, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, redesign of Benefits structure, etc.

2. Productivity through Flexibility: We can help you remain nimble and agile by leveraging remote working options (better outcomes, reduced overheads).

3. Learning and Development: We can remotely design and deliver development paths that is controllable and timely.
- Learning journeys: design employee learning journeys
- Skills: problem solving, data driven decision making
- Coaching: build overall resilience and well being.

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