The World is at a Crossroads

Today organisations find themselves in the middle of constant and rapid transitions. People and organisations are navigating turbulence. And it’s not always easy.

Turbulence and uncertainty breeds fear. At X-Leap, we put human centered design principles to work to help leaders and organisations develop the strategic capabilities needed to design kinder transitions, one that is anchored around trust. Because, we design for humans.

X-Leap Helps you Navigate

Strategic Transitions

Smart bets that stakeholders push for and create fabulous value.

Are you a CXO at Emerging companies wanting to disrupt for good?

Workplace Transitions

A psychologically safe space that breeds superlative performance.

Are you a senior HR leader or learning officers, transitioning your workforce?

Social Transitions

Well meaning and well planned approach, creating massive social capital.

Are you a CSR unit, non profit or donor institution trying to build a more just world?

Building a Kinder World

Enhanced performance during these transitory times is the need of the hour. X-Leap adopts a holistic Kindness Approach.
We adopt a design centred approach to co-creating solutions with clients, supporting them with the Voice, Choice and Agency needed to make important choices and drive transitions, but we do this with a kindness first principle. Learn more about our philosophy of building a kinder world (link).

Our Work

Work With Us

X-Leap works across the domains of skill building, workplace culture, employee wellbeing and strategic planning for organisations of all sizes and types.

Our goal is to help you develop your strategic capabilities holistically. We focus on human centered design solutions. 

Contact us to know how we can help you build your organisation’s strategic capabilities.

Trusted by companies, social impact organizations, philanthropies and others that lead by change

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The Organisation Psychological Risk Assessment (OPRA) is a toolkit that can be deployed in your organization on 3 different levels:

 Organisation: align with company strategy

 Workforce: get a pulse of mental health

 Individual: respond to employee pain

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