Crack Approaches

What are they?


Not your run of the mill spreadsheets and macros. Rather, solutions steeped in empathy and change.

All original - all developed in-house!


Organizational Psychological Risk Assessment (OPRA). Understand the root causes of increasing mental fatigue and burnout in the workplace!


Mental Wellbeing

Institutional Practices

HR Processes

Report Alert!

We will soon be releasing an OPRA study that shows evidence of rising common mental health problems in the workplace


You know it already! A superfast no-nonsense approach to problem solving! Drop a query on our contact page for this! Or book a slot below 👇

What you get:

1 Expert

1 Associate Consultant

1 Ex-McKinsey Consultant


An offering of courses that build power skills. Lessons can be accessed remotely with blended in-person modules.


Design Thinking

Effective Communication

Excel Foundations

And much more!


In a survey conducted in 2020, we found that 70% of women professionals who took a sabbatical, never returned to their workplace

The Soul Storm

A gender inclusion diagnostic tool that improves equity and inclusion in the workplace


Measure Inclusion

Identify Hotspots

Data driven insights