Brace for Better

The current pandemic has brought the whole economy to a standstill. While the doctors, care-givers, and administrative personnel fight a brave battle on the medical and social front, we are trying to do our part in helping business owners, change champions, and other social leaders ride out and prepare for the post-Covid world. We are assessing the impact of the Corona pandemic on global businesses, to get insights into the challenges faced by the business world, and the attempts being made to deal with them.

We have launched our Brace for Better program to support business owners across the globe. You can fill in the survey for any organization you are closely aware of. We will share the survey insights (at an aggregate level) with you soon.

How Does This Help Businesses?

To forge the way ahead

Business-As-Usual has hit a global pause. For those of us lucky (or privileged) enough to be sheltered and safe, the lockdown may be an opportunity to re-look at the direction we are headed: as businesses and as a society.

How can we imagine a new way of doing business?

To Reflect Inner Values

A nature-imposed house-arrest may also just be the breathing space we need to evaluate the alignment (or lack thereof) of our inner needs, values, beliefs, with our outer actions, management, and leadership.

How can we connect our inner and outer selves better?

To Boost Motivation

With social distancing and mandatory work-from-home comes the need to replace oversight with trust; meetings with telecommuting; span of control with network of collaboration. Today's dfficulties hold the seeds for tomorrow's opportunities.

What will an organization built on values, and for innovation, look like?

To Continue to Serve and Impact

Social sector organizations—especially those that work on the ground have seen their work severly impacted. Technology is now a necessity rather than a luxury. Break in continuity is a major risk for hard earned social change behaviour.

How can we build with technology, rather than around it?

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We are deeply assessing the impact of the Corona pandemic on businesses around the globe and sharing insights with all the participants. You can fill the survey for any organization you are closely aware of.

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