Sahyog - Brace for Better

Sahyog is a collaborative of several socially conscious small businesses and entrepreneurs, with proven world class professional experience. Government departments and officers across the country are stretched beyond limits with the significant demands on them - handling priorities and doing so under extremely personal duress and grief.

The Sahyog collaborative intends to streamline the complexities and ease the burden of our government offices, by bringing the best of their professional experience.

Sahyog intends to extend support in the following areas:

  • Ease managerial complexities by setting up simple to use MIS, project management checklists and more
  • Influence COVID appropriate behaviour through communication campaigns and other strategies based on behavioural science
  • Improve mental well being by offering group and individual sessions for officers, their families and their teams, including Heartfulness and counselling
  • Provide relief to the society - for example government schools struggling with online education, increased cases of domestic violence and the like - through customised problem solving and partnering with best class NGOs

Diagnosis to Implementation Cycle

Diagnosis (on call)

Identify key bottleneck through an initial 15 minute call with key contact person

Design and offer customised
level 1 solution
(1-2 days)

Begin Implement
(start by end of week)

  • Show and Tell (enable department to tagibly understand the solution and assess initial benefits)
  • Build internal capacity (train department officers to drive the solution on their own)

Continuous support mechanism

Provide regular check in to assess any support required

The Team

Core Team

X-Leap is a niche, design led consulting firm, founded by two experienced consultants from McKinsey, now serving private sector and development sector clients across India, UAE, Europe and Nepal.

Their approach is to solve strategic human centric issues, using a blend of management science, behavioral and data science and human centred designing.

X-Leap is bringing together like minded organisations and partners to support our government's effort during this time of national crisis.



is the communication partner for the Sahyog volunteering effort - they are young ideas company and are known for pathbreaking communication campaigns
You can visit their website read more about their COVID related campaign here .

Shruti Pakrashi

is a practicing Counselling Psychologist with a MSc in Organizational Psychology with significant experience of conducting group and individual sessions across large multinational corporates.

The 7th Fold

is a boutique HR and Wellbeing firm that focuses on important organisation and individual tenets of culture, performance, happiness and a Human Resource capability that can sustain it

Anupam Jain (Certified Trainer, Heartfulness)

Founder at Saathi Re, a social enterprise that provides information and insights about social impact in India, using technology and data science. Anupam is a technologist with significant experience at IBM Research Labs and other organisations and multiple patents to his name.
Anupam is also a meditation practitioner for 15+ years and also a certified Heartfulness meditation trainer.

German Football Academy

is the preeminent grassroot football coaching institute, based out of Kolkata, Chennai and Kochi with significant experience in bringing global knowhow to train the Indian football coaches. They have supported several coaches and players from disadvantaged backgrounds and pioneered football for girls. You can know more about the German Football Academy here .


Mrs. Anubhuti Gupta ( )

Mr. S.K. Das ( )

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